Term Of Use

Expro Academy is one of the leading institutes of Kolkata which teaches multiple professional courses. The popularity of the academy is getting higher and higher due to its stunning performance of teaching. We maintain our own terms and conditions which are very easy to follow by the candidates for using our official website. Here below all the terms and conditions are noted down.

The Guidelines for Using the Website of Our Academy

We follow a strict guideline for our official website which must be followed by our interns properly. Here check the guidelines carefully:

A candidate cannot use any abusive languages while sending Emails by checking the details of the website.

We have the power to dismiss the candidature of a person if any candidate uses any slang in our website by hacking it anyhow.

A student cannot use our official data for personal usage or cannot share any information belongs to our institution outside the academy same as students cannot upload their personal details through our official website.

Our website does not support any type of violent activities like racism or terrorism.

No violent human rights to promoted by using Expro Academy’s official web pages.

Gambling and drug auction are not promoted through our website.

License to Utilize Our Website

A candidate can use our website only for watching the details or for downloading important contents for any types of caching reasons. Students have the right to print our website pages, files or any other vital contents as per the requirements only. Check the terms and conditions properly as the subject to the confinement are noted below:

Things A Candidate Must Follow:

A candidate never allows republishing our website content anywhere. You cannot disclose Expro Academy’s website details in printing media or any digital media. Any documents must not be shared to any other websites too.

Candidates have no permission to rent or sell our website material to anyone. We never permit a candidate for sub-license too.

A student of our academy must not show any details of the company in public as every company’s details are highly confidential and unique.

Our interns have no power to duplicate, reproduce or copy any confidential documents from our website. A person also cannot exploit our website materials for personal usage or for commercial purposes.

You cannot edit our website details or modify any information of our website contents.

A candidate cannot redistribute any information of our academy’s website apart from the part which is created for redistribution.

You have no right to reproduce or republish any specific segment of the website by using screenscrapers or iframes.

You can redistribute the part which is only for redistributing within your particular group.

The Copyright Notice

All the details of Expro Academy’s website are 100% unique and genuine. A candidate or a company may face legal offense if any disruption is done with the official website of the institution.

Hence, to know our services, our working procedure and all the details related to study information and other belongings you can definitely check Expro Academy’s website by maintaining all the terms and conditions properly.